About Us

Lutch Sports



Lutch is one of the major companies in the market of hockey equipment manufacturing for more than 30 years!

Our major customers include KHL, VHL, MHL Clubs and more than 5,000 teams in other sports.

Lutch firmly holds key position on the market, thanks to the excellent service, understanding the needs of the Teams, a good knowledge of needs of the market and quick service options. When working with each team, Lutch understands importance of deadlines and the special needs of each team which are our top priority. Our factory is ready to produce great quality products as soon as possible

Our products include professional, replicas or practice hockey jerseys, t-shirts, polo shirts, windproof and warm sports suits, flags, pennants, referee uniform, training uniform and  souvenir gift products. We also produce equipment for other sports: socker, american football, basketball, motocross, snowboarding and more!

The professional design department works to develop individual solutions to meet customer’s specifications exactly and also offer improvement advice.

Our design team has wide possibilities for turning your creative ideas into made products. We are able to convert your design or logo into embroidery, sublimation (thermal transfer, dyeing of the fabric) and applique. A wide range of products allows to provide related products for any team activity such as tournaments or special events.